• Strategic project management
    The strategic project management service allows for a constant link and feedback loop to our client’s deliverables, ensuring that nothing is left out at the end of a project. Strategic project managers accompany development teams from the very beginning of every initiative and deliver an experience inline with overall business goals.
  • Ideation and the creative process
    Here at the Human Equation, creativity and innovation fuel our day-to-day and hence generate a multitude of opportunities, specifically in the arena of new emerging technology. The duality between technology and creativity is at the heart of our value set, which defines our company and business model to build on and further develop into the future. Given the constant evolution of the communications industry, these strategic dimensions of our business practice are paramount to maintaining a viable position and longevity over time.
  • Web 2.0 & analytics
    The emergence of 2.0 with how a company communicates, the convergence of current and new media and the overall accessibility of information are at the heart of what marketing is today. Human Equation develops strategies adapted to this new reality while integrating all client needs.We specialize in strategic project management, Web 2.0 campaign development, campaign analysis, digital marketing research and media crisis management. In an IT world that is in constant evolution, Human Equation also offers to it’s clients assistance when implementing an updated company-wide digital platform.
  • Ergonomics
    In any site we design, end-user functionality and navigation flow are key elements that will allow your clients an accessible, simple and memorable digital experience. Human Equation ensures site project management along the way.
  • R&D
    New challenges and ideas are always top of mind. Human Equation is at the forefront of market trends and constantly encourages the ideation teams to create innovative interactive application as a function of our company philosophy and client mandates. We are committed and convinced that our dedicated team of 35 specialists will be able to build the digital tools of tomorrow.
  • Webmastering
    Mastering in every sense of the word, Human Equation is involved with many digital projects every single day. As a constant commitment to our clients, we propose constant project management over the lifespan of all sites and applications we’ve created. Adapt, constantly create and always vigilant define our digital projects and provide the foundation to continuously evolve and grow through time.

    Custom Web Hosting
    Tracking and reporting
    Web banners
  • Measurement and analysis tools
    Due to our focus around constant R&D, Human Equation has a long list of proprietary measurement tools already created. We elaborate concise dashboards as a function of our client’s business objectives and ensure in-depth effectiveness analysis on all projects we create.
  • Development
    Human Equation has the responsibility to constantly develop and optimize interactive experiences. To ensure a viable digital project that achieves our client’s needs, our in-depth project management process and needs analysis service accompany all projects from beginning to end.
  • SEO
    Complete digital development solutions.

    Efficiency management
  • Quality assurance
    Human Equation guarantees optimal quality controls for all products, services or projects managed and delivered. Tested, corrected, commented on and approval is a proven iterative method implemented to ensure all delivered projects are of high quality and meet client needs.

    Quality Control System
    End-user experience monitoring
    Testing automation

We believe in the power of creativity. We build tools to help improve the digital experience. We are one part of the equation.


The Ecosystem

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We believe in our business
model, we always ensure added-value services to our clients and answer any of their e-marketing challenges.
- Andréa Doyon,
Executive Chairman

For every attributed mandate, Human Equation performs a need-based analysis with the intent to claim the value ecosystems evolving our clients’ contexts and ideas. Our purpose is to accompany our clients through time while avoiding the development of strategic and interactive platforms silos.

From creative to ideation

Human Equation offers a unique flexible and creative process that brings to life or pushes forward any ideas. Our team will accompany you in creating distinctive ideologies, loyal to your identity, to your aspirations and to your budget.


We are committed to going above and beyond trends and continuously invest in R&D all the while maintaining a keen understanding of our client’s needs. Our focus is to create and foster the link between technology and people.

Our realisations, our values

Our values; transparency, creativity, innovation, proximity, expertise and collaboration have been anchors to our differentiation throughout the years. We put the best industry best practices as well as our own developed benchmarks at the profit of any project we are involved in. Our nimble project management methodology lets us to save time without neglecting the quality of our interactive products. We have designed our own analytic tools; NOIZ ANALYTICS and NOIZ TRAVEL, which allow us to audit the web like no other. We proactively accompany our clients during the project development process to ensure that every step aligns with top of mind business objectives.