The Quartier DIX30™ experience… now online!

Human Equation is proud to announce the launch of Quartier DIX30TM’s new website.

Notorious shopping and entertainment destination, Quartier DIX30TM is a unique urban life center. With a wide selection of fashion & home décor boutiques and restaurants, as well as a movie theatre and a hotel, the high customer traffic comes as no surprise.

The new website built by Human Equation enhances the clientele’s shopping experience. Visitors can now easily identify various shops and restaurants of interest, and efficiently plan their visit to Quartier DIX30TM.

Merchants can also utilize the new digital platform, as it allows them to publish content and raise the clients’ interest to maximize in-store traffic.

To take advantage of everything that Quartier DIX30TM has to offer, head over and check out the new website.


  • Design : Ludovic Sanchez, Geneviève Turcot, Valérie Beaudoin
  • Gestion de projet : Adeline Mure
  • Développeurs et intégrateurs : Florent Cima, Kevin Leroyer et Matthieu Cardin

For more information, read the case study!