KOSCÈNE’s New Digital Platform in the Spotlight

KOSCÈNE Productions Inc. recently called upon Human Equation to build a new website. The objective was to launch a digital platform that featured all of the essential information on KoScène shows while also providing an exclusive area for corporate clients to view promotional content.

Simple and Robust

By combining a custom built interface to a WordPress based platform, the website designed by Human Equation provides both easily managed content and strong information security. The platform also has a responsive design in order to provide the best user experience on every device (desktop, mobile, tablet).

Information at your fingertips

With KOSCÈNE’s new platform, it’s easier than ever to find all the relevant information pertaining to featured shows such as dates, descriptions, artists, and related news. The automatic synchronization between KOSCÈNE’s platform and the websites dedicated to each show, allows for the information to be updated in real-time anytime one of the websites uploads new content.

The addition of search filters allows to find relevant content effortlessly, whether it be information on a specific show, artist, or even shows within specified locations. The website also allows to buy tickets instantly for available dates.

Secure Portal

KOSCÈNE’s partners can find promotional content on the website through an exclusive members’ area. The password protected access provides a simple and efficient solution to controlling the circulation of exclusive contents.