It’s Time to Revisit the Shopping Experience

Technology has transformed fashion in many ways. Now having access to smart watches, socks or tops, wearables are only one of fashion’s recent revolutions. Connected retail is about to change the way people shop, buy and see fashion and dress up. To bring customers into their stores, retailers need to create an experience that is worth the trip. Especially when looking at the hard times in retail due to the rise of ecommerce.

Imagine a shopping experience like that…

1. Customized offers and notifications

I walk by a store and I receive an alert on my phone. Special offers on all shoes today, and just for me, a 25% reduction on my favorite tops’ line.

2. Animated and adaptable shop windows

As I head towards the entry, the shop window displays nice clothes and animated content related to the showcased pieces. The closer I get to it, the more the content adapts to my preferences.

3. RFID mannequins

I get inside the store and face a mannequin with a stunning outfit. I wonder where I can find the different items from this outfit. I grab my phone, open the store app and put the mannequin up on my screen.

4. Complete real-time information

I automatically get the list featuring all the items, their price, the colors and a map of the store displaying where I can find them. I head there and find what I’m looking for.

5. Complementary information

I go to the electronic tablet installed a few meters from where I was standing to get more information since those pieces of clothing are specialized apparel. The device detects the first item and provides me with relevant information such as technical information, sizes, colors, contextual pictures, washing details, price, etc.

6. A connected fitting room

Mirrors are interactive. Recognizing my profile, they suggest me pieces that fit with my selection of the day, my fit and my previous purchases.

7. Easy communication for efficient service

I would like to try some different styles, colors and sizes. I can order them directly through the interactive mirror. Through the data circling my reflection I also have the inventory count for the items I chose. Only two left…no way I am missing out on this opportunity!

8. Wishlists, pictures, emails & shares

For the few pieces of clothing I am hesitating on, I will take pictures using the mirror and email them to my friends. I also save the items on my wishlist to find them easily once I make up my mind. As for my favorite outfit, I will share it on my social media profiles.

In sum, technology allows retailers to improve every step of the shopping experience. It brings more engagement through customization, and more targeted marketing actions through data analysis. The ultimate shopper’s experience is facilitated and coherent across all channels.