Mobility for La Maison Simons

Proud of its in-store and online user experience, La Maison Simons wished to keep innovating and demonstrate its leadership as a fashion authority in Canada by offering a top of the line ecommerce experience on mobile platforms.


Following this strategic objective, La Maison Simons turned to Human Equation to ensure a fast growth on mobile. To accomplish such objective, our team thought over the website’s navigation structure to adapt it to the user’s buying context when shopping on a mobile device.


The biggest challenge was to integrate the new solution to the growing retailer’s major digital ecosystem already in place. To do so, we ensured a tight collaboration with the client and all of its partners in an effort to optimize the connection and fit between all of the technological assets and various contents.

Our team took on the challenge and succeeded with flying colours, offering La Maison Simons’ customers a simplified mobile shopping experience, and allowing the brand to diffuse relevant content on a platform strong enough to support large traffic peaks such as the ones occurring on Black Friday. The high conversion rates that were achieved showed the quality of the deployed solution.


Along with proving our capacity for adapting, our partnership with La Maison Simons shows our strength in mobile development, in particular through our desire for constant improvement and our beneficial UI recommendations. See for yourself by visiting the mobile website