The DIX30 experience is now at your fingertips

The Quartier DIX30™, a true outdoor lifestyle center, mandated Human Equation for the creation of its new website, aiming to provide the best possible user experience, in person and online.


After having many different surveys completed by the clientele, our team was able to create a platform that truly answers the users’ needs. Hence, the most researched information such as opening hours and contact information are updated dynamically.


The website also has a dedicated section for every merchant to focus all relevant information on a single platform by having the ability to manage their own web space and to publish promotions, events, and a corporate profile on Quartier DIX30™’s website.


It is now easier than ever to plan a trip to the Quartier DIX30™ with features such as: news and promotions, restaurant and movie ticket reservations, bookmarking favorite destinations, merchant account registration, a simplified search function, and the ability to browse an event packed calendar.