PBSC - Urban Solutions

Canadian bike sharing company to conquer the world with a new website

Human Equation launched PBSC’s new brand identity and website for the worldwide conference, Velo-City 2016, held in Tapei in March 2016. Pioneer and catalyst of worldwide bike sharing solutions, PBSC, which made its debut with Montreal’s Bixi, entrusted our team of experts with the conception of an integrated platform that would showcase the innovative brand, its product specs, and its advanced technologies.


We adapted the brand image for the digital world, and designed and developed the company’s website. We paid special attention for the website design to be slick and modern, to properly showcase the bikes and cities they ride in. Many case studies support PBSC’s actions in showing how every city takes advantage of the various components offered by the company in order to deploy an additional urban transit solution.

In addition to refreshing PBSC’s image, the platform, supported by continuous digital marketing efforts, saw its traffic significantly increase. So did the number of contacts between PBSC and cities around the world.


We are very pleased to contribute to the success of a company with international effulgence, but also to contribute in promoting a green and socially responsible public transport solution worldwide.