Encan Pout Pout

Thanks to Encan Pout Pout, car auctions are now available to consumers online

The objective behind Encan Pout Pout was to create the first ever virtual used car auction platform for consumers to merchants.


The deployed web platform offers an interface that allows consumers to easily register and input all the details pertaining to their car in order to put it up for auction for interested car dealers. This new online auction was carefully developed with a few key features in mind; maximum of one offer every 5 seconds, a 2 minute timer to bid, ability to add numerous pictures, email notifications, etc.


On the interface side for merchants; they have an email account, list of all auctions, favorite cars, the status of auction winners, and sorting options, etc. Since its launch in Spring 2015, the platform has been very successful, opening up a whole new side to the used car market in Quebec.