National Bank

Personal Finance Made Simple

Human Equation has been working in close collaboration with the National Bank of Canada for many years, and on a variety of projects. The National Bank thus asked the Human Equation team to help develop a solution that would allow clients and non-clients of the National Bank to understand and domesticate the various financial tools available.


Human Equation developed the Clear Fact platform, which is now one of the most important sources of educational financial information in Canada. The platform allows smart and efficient financial understanding, planning, and investing.


The main challenge in conceiving such a platform was to organize and categorize its contents in a way that is clear and able to manage the addition of a large number of pages and subsections. To do so, we have been working with the National to set up the contents plan, forecast the website traffic, and adapt to the growing needs of the institution and to the evolution of the level of knowledge of the users that still show definite interest and engagement towards the contents published by the National Bank.