Strauss Water Canada

Website redesign

A website where the navigation flows… like water. It was one of Strauss Water Canada’s wishes for its website redesign mandate entrusted to Human Equation. Indeed, the company wanted a smooth UX for its website, but also a user-friendly online store, along with a neat and modern design, true to the image of the brand’s products. The simplicity of the offer and the products had to be featured through the website navigation and online purchases. Our team hence ensured to pay great attention to the website’s UX.

Strauss Water mainly adresses the B2B market for its water filtration products. Thus, the easy account login was a must to provide consumers with a better access to their invoices and orders. The company now benefits from a responsive, professional and optimized website, conceived and built by our experts at Human Equation. Our web development team got to show its agility through the integration of different account management features and the modern design to the website, developed in whole on a Magento ecommerce platform, which was then synchronized to the client’s Salesforce interface.


If your coffee machine looks lonely on your counter top and is looking for a new friend, visit Strauss Water’s website. You won’t be disappointed.