Vileda - Scrub and Win

Marketing Strategy & Microsite

In order to promote its different types of scourers, Vileda asked Human Equation to develop a gamified contest that was adapted to its heterogeneous Canadian wide target market.


Our team designed promotional mechanisms that fitted the branding, while increasing the consumers’ understanding of each product’s purpose from the available variety of scourers. Indeed, in addition to promoting each scourer, the contest emphasized their utility.


Through a microsite developed exclusively for the campaign, consumers could play a game where they would choose one of four scourers and wash the appropriate surface. Once the cleaning was done, participants registered their information for a chance to win one of the daily Vileda baskets or the big prize, a one week trip to Cuba.

Printable vouchers were also offered on the microsite to encourage Canadian consumers in trying and buying the Vileda scourers. The contest, once launched, was propelled and promoted by a targeted web banner campaign.


Overall, the campaign was an astounding success, surpassing all expectation and set objectives. The web banners and social media spread made it possible to reach many impressions and a significant scope of individuals. As for the microsite, close to 100,000 contest entries were completed, and over 500 vouchers were printed.